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Helpful add-on that allows users to translate text from one language to another

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Google Translate offers Chrome users a free way to translate from nearly any language.

With Google Translate, Chrome users can instantly translate online. It is a free extension for Google Chrome, so you have to be a Chrome user to operate it. All you need to do is choose your target language. Then, paste the untranslated text into the box. You can select the language that you are translating from or let Google Translate detect the language.

As soon as you click the button for it to translate, your translation instantly appears. Through the browser, translations are also available when you go to a website that is in another language. While the translation service is easy to use, the translations are rarely perfect. They will give you a rough idea about what the text is about, but it is rarely going to be a perfectly accurate translate.

At the moment, the best translations tend to be between European languages. If you are trying to translate from Chinese or another Asian language, do not expect a perfect translation. While the translations are not particularly reliable, this tool is still extremely useful. A professional translator charges hundreds of dollars to translate a text, but Google Translate is completely free. If you are just looking for a general idea about the text's meaning, then this program will work for you.

This program also works if you just want to use it as an online dictionary. It will give you different options for translating a word and the meanings associated with each option. The translation service might not be perfectly accurate, but it is hard to beat Google Translate when it comes to the price. It is especially useful because of the sheer number of languages available for translation.


  • Completely free for Google Chrome users
  • Can translate 500 words at once
  • Available for a wide variety of languages
  • Fast and easy to use


  • The translations are rarely accurate
  • Asian languages translate poorly
  • Not ideal for professional translations

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